Stampede Pop Up 

The Core Shopping Centre

324 8 Ave SW

July 9-18


  1. Set up and Drop off July 8 5:30pm-8pm 

  2. Operation July 9-18 M-S 11am-5pm Sunday 12-5pm

  3. Each Vendor must bring their own table and chairs and any displays they would like to use. 

  4. Vendors will be operating their own transactions and keeping all sales.

  5. You will be getting a 2x6 space that will fit a 6 ft table and your chair

  6. All vendors must keep the area tidy and stow away any extra boxes or products under the table or in the shop's storage. 

  7. Vendors must commit to operate the whole 10 days of Stampede and be on time during mall hours.

  8. TMSL Ltd,. will not be liable to damage property, death, theft, or injuries or losses of any kind resulting from slips, falls, fire collapse of structures, aggression of other parties bylaw infractions or legal charges.

  9. Cost from July 9-18 $500

  10. Due to planning and expenses no refunds will be provided.

  11. Upon approval payments will be required.

  12. All payments will be through email transfers to :

  13. All vendors must have a positive attitude. 

  14. Bad behavior will not be tolerated and will be escorted out.

  15. Move-in information will be sent 1 week  prior to our start date.


Any questions please email Jeannette